Announcing economica

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Let there be an announcement, we willed it, and at once there was an announcement. Behind closed doors, hidden in our offices, we’ve been secretly working on a new business / industry simulation. And today an official press release was sent out, announcing our blood and sweat of the last months: economica. And with the official announcement out in the wild lands of the internet we can finally unlock our development blog.

You may ask yourself what we will do with this blog and the answer is rather simple: We will talk about the development of economica. It is as easy as that. We will share our thoughts, explain our design decisions and ask for your feedback. We will talk about our inspirations, share new materials (such as Screenshots) and explain the mechanics of the game.

It is planned to keep everyone posted on the development and we will try to post here on a regular base. We’d love to read you in the comments and be assured: We’ll also be there and answer your questions.

And why are we doing this? Well. That’s also quite easy to answer: We believe in the open communication approach. We’d like to discuss with you. And external influences can only help to make the game even better.

We’d like to thank you for stepping by and reading our words. A new post will be published soonish. Oh. And yeah. We’ve got some Target Shots for you as well.