Options, Options everywhere!

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What I never understood was the fact that many economy simulations offered sandbox modes but did not really allow the players to customize their sessions. Where’s the point in offering a sandbox if you just play the game over and over again in the very same way? Why do these games not give the power to the player? Well. We don’t know for sure but what we know is that we’d like to give as much power to the player as possible.

What does this mean? Options. That’s the answer. Options upfront, before you start your sandbox journey. How big do you want to have your map? How much starting money would you like to have? How many AI opponents would you like to have? Would you like to get some things automated? But that ain’t everything. Why not allowing the player to customize the game while he or she is already in the game? Well, we do that, to be honest. Just one simple example: Renaming the product you are producing? Go for it. It’s up to you.

Whenever you have a sandbox, make use of it. That’s the credo. And we’re following it.